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At Goodwill of South Mississippi, we believe in the power of work, but we also understand that there are circumstances that make getting back into the workplace difficult. That is why we created our Adult Literacy Course. This gives people who have the desire to learn and opportunity to better themselves and their future.

  • Who can take this course? ​​

    • Anyone over the age of 16 who is no longer in school, unable to read at a 5th grade level or higher, and who is ready to learn and do their best!

  • How do you participate in our courses? 

    • Call 228-863-2323 ext 27 to schedule a TABE test

  • How long are the courses?​

    • Length of classes vary. As long as the student is making progress in their class, the courses run until student is reading at a 6th grade level. If it is determined that a student has "peaked" at a point below 6th grade and is unlikely to improve, they may be referred to another provider. Otherwise, a student remains in class until they reach 6th grade level, at which time they can turn their pursuits toward a GED

  • What will this course cover?

    • Class uses both phonics and whole language methods for: sounds and letters, word recognition, sentence structure, context clues, and parts of speech. There is a class for non-readers to 3rd grade level and a class for 3rd grade to 6th 

  • Where do the classes take place?

    • Our course is currently being held in the training room at our Orange Grove Super Store in Norwood Village. Class location is subject to change.

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