Goodwill Outlet

For a truly unique shopping experience – and bargains galore that come and go before your eyes – shop at the Goodwill Outlet located at

3018 25th Avenue, Gulfport MS,  39501.

We are open Tuesday - Saturday from 8:30  a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

$1.50 per pound up to 25 lbs
$0.75 per pound for everything above 25 lbs

So what's a goodwill outlet?

For starters, there are no clothing racks organized by size or pre-sorted shelves stacked with housewares. Instead, you’ll find large, waist-high blue bins on wheels lined up in rows and piled with donated goods of all kinds. In one bin you might find anything from a Mississippi-shaped wall clock to holiday decorations, designer bags, infinity scarves, blazers, cardigan sweaters, or even a collectible baseball that appears to be in perfect condition. There are also separate bins for clothing, shoes, and books.

No need to check for color tags at the Goodwill Outlet, you pay by the pound - it's $1.50 per pound for everything you purchase up to 25 pounds, $0.75 per pound for everything you purchase over 25 pounds, and books are only $0.25 per pound. When you’re ready to check out, your purchase is weighed.  Just roll your shopping cart up onto the industrial scale. Easy.

Don't forget about the furniture. We've got couches as low as $20. Our selection is literally changing all the time, with bins being swapped in and out nearly every hour, sometimes more often.

Whether you are looking for hidden treasure or just a great bargain, the Goodwill Outlet is for you.