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Easter DIYs that will Inspire

From transforming an old board into a country chic sign to upcycling mason jars into a festive gift trio, we hope these thrifty DIYs will have you scouring your local thrift store for some budget-friendly craft supplies. Don't forget to check out all Goodwill locations for all the good stuff.

Even if this DIY calls for new fabric, you would be surprised what you can find in the linens at your local Goodwill.

Weathered Carrot Sign

Pieces of crafty bits can be found in any department. Sometimes on Dollar Mondays at Goodwill SMS, you can score a variety of goods from old furniture for wooden planks to ribbons and twine.

Scoring the perfect pieces for an upcycle is easier than you think. You may catch small pieces at the dollar store, but you might even catch some less expensive deals at your local Goodwill. If you can't find candle holders, look for the next best thing. Lamps look similar to candle holders. They just need the electrical parts removed with a makeover with chalk paint.

When you're thrifting, look for furniture pieces that can be upcycled into masterpieces like this one. Sometimes the more worn, the better.

Easter egg jars for gifting

Who doesn't carry mason jars? You may even have a few stored in your cabinets just waiting for their day in the sun. Want to be resourceful? Use those glass jars (pickles or jam) you've been saving for a good project. A jar is a jar, and whether it's a mason jar or a pickle jar, you will be able DIY your happy little heart out with the same project.

Don't be afraid to find pieces of linen to rip for these spring banners. Not everything has to come prepped for crafting. When you walk around your local Goodwill, think outside the box and you'll spend even less on supplies.

Easter Eggs can be decorated with paper or clothe. Just add a little bit of your own flair for the right Easter decor.

Egg-stravagant egg frame

Do you still have Easter eggs left after all the decoupage DIYs? Try this Easter-inspired frame to freshen up your home. Add your own flair with different flowers or ribbon.

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