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Steal these Thrifted DIYs to Update Your Home

Today we are going to check out some awesome Thrift Store Makeovers. You are probably going to want to hop in your car and go to your local Goodwill or check out where the next Flea Market is being held …that is how inspired you are going to be. It never ceases to amaze me how much talent is floating out there in blog land…all I can tell you is there are tons of fabulous upcycled diy’s…great tutorials for your flea market finds…and buckets filled with INSPIRATION! Let’s take a look!

Over at houzz, they are featuring some amazing Thrift Store Makeovers but this one just made me smile. It is a vintage Milk bottle holder that has magically been transformed into a gorgeous centerpiece…check it out and get many more inspirational ideas for your Thrift Store Finds over at houzz.

"Digging for treasures at a big flea market or antiques fair can be loads of fun, but it can also be just plain overwhelming. I know I get frustrated when, after hours of walking the grounds, I leave with nothing to show for it. The key to having a good day thrifting is to come armed with a plan. Keep measurements of your space and a small tape measure in your bag; know your budget; bring cash, a wagon, or handcart (for hauling back your loot); and have a list of specific things to keep an eye out for."

Milk bottle holders. These metal carriers were used to transport glass bottles of milk to the door for home delivery. Use yours to corral vases for a centerpiece or tote bundles of flatware and napkins outdoors for an al fresco meal.

Distress an old dresser with chalk paint. Talk about a dreamy makeover…just look at this beautiful dresser that acts as a mantle and a perfect showcase for all seasons. Right now it is decked out for Fall in the most fabulous array of colors…simply gorgeous. You need to take a trip over to Perfectly Imperfect…there you will find tons of DIYs and much-needed inspiration and ideas. This piece is over-the-top beautiful!

Upcycle an old ladder. If you happen to see an old chippy ladder against the wall in a thrift shop…or maybe at a local garage sale…don’t dismiss it…snatch it up…there are 101 uses for it and here is a little bit of inspiration…how great would this be in the bathroom with an array of towels…you could even hook on a basket to hold other goodies. You are probably thinking of all the other things you could do and I am sure they are all fabulous. If you want some more ideas…check here.

Repurpose vintage luggage. The vintage suitcase craze is still going strong and I have not yet snatched one up…nor has Junkin Joe! I do believe that it is because everyone is after them! Each and every creation I see made with them is outstanding and this one over at the awesome Design*Sponge is no different…check out this sensational vintage suitcase coffee table and get the full DIY! Then if you need more vintage suitcase inspiration…check here.

Frame pressed flowers. Find some matching frames at your local Goodwill and you can replace the art with your own collection of pressed flowers. If you're not the type to press your own flowers and frame them, keep an eye out for pressed blooms from another time. Look for specimens with handwritten details noting the plant name or place of origin.

Convert old furniture. I just adore shabby cottage chic creations from Cottage Market. They have taken vintage chairs and worked their magic on it…all shabbied up in the most delicious chippy way… then saved all pieces for another project and in the end made the most adorable shelf ever! This would look amazing inside or outside… check out the full tutorials that will make you never pass up a $2 Thrift Store Chair ever again!

Upcycle discarded drawers. You know how I love discarded drawers…I love all the things that you can make out of them and from them. Never pass them by…never…if you see a stack of them outside on the curb… sloooooow down and go back and snatch them up… even if they are with a dresser and you can’t fit it in the car…get those drawers. If you see them in the Goodwill… Thrift shop… at the Flea Market… anywhere… make them yours. Now they can even be broken drawers and they still make fabulous things.

All you need is a nice drawer: paint it, stain it, wallpaper it, decoupage it, or do anything else you like, then simply add casters. You will have an awesome little side table that you can wheel wherever you would like. A great Farmhouse Industrial look!

How adorable is this? Grab yourself a drawer that is the perfect size for your pup and then hop on over to New England/Yankee where they will share this simple DIY. Think of the color choices… hardware… cushion and more. You can customize the perfect place for your pup to nap. If you have some extra drawers… maybe you can whip up some to donate to your Animal Shelter : )

Repurpose thrifted books. Now Gina over at The Shabby Creek Cottage is using vintage books from a local Goodwill and giving them a fabulous makeover…she turned them into the most awesome Book Lamp and she share the complete DIY with us. You are going to look at those old books in a new way for sure. Also…how cool would it be if you made one for someone with their favorite book titles…ummmm… awesome! So check it out…these would make great holiday gifts.

Turn anything into a wine rack. Ever had leftover pieces from a DIY project and just couldn't throw them away? Find inspiration with wine. From PVC pipes to old rusty old closet hooks... or even leftover scraps of fabric... they all can hold together that bottle of Pinot Grigio for the perfect keto aperitif or safe storage for a future charcuterie accompaniment. The ideas are endless!

Here you'll see closet hooks have been fixed to an old piece of barnwood.

Credit: Jenni Yolo

Have some leftover fabric or pieces of old leather? This one has an old charcuterie board with a few straps of leather fixed to hold each bottle.

Credit: Bethany Sy

With PVC pipes, you can build a world of wine.

You can even convert a dresser into a wine rack. Pretty Handy Girl shows you how.

Convert old pots and jello molds into fixtures. Once I saw that all these old tin pans and jello molds can be used as a lampshade for pendant lights, I fell in love. Whether you inherited these incredible goodies or found them at your local Goodwill, they make for a fun weekend project! Just look at them all…check out the different light bulbs…the varying looks and designs…it’s a visual Smorgasborg!

There you have it. When cleaning out your home this Spring, make sure you can upcycle what you have first, donate what you don't use anymore, and save some moola by thrifting for fresh home decor. Some of these won't even take up a full weekend. They're just a few things to add jazz hands to an already beautiful home.

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