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9 Things That Make Thrift Stores Awesome

There are many things that make thrift stores awesome, and if you’ve never shopped in one before, you’ve got a whole heap of benefits to gain!

Whether you’re seeking to shop in a more sustainable way, want to help make a difference in your local community, or simply need to buy some clothes or household items on a tight budget, these reasons and many more listed below, make thrift stores incredible:

1. You can dress your kids for less

We all know how fast kids grow out of their clothes, but by visiting your local thrift store, you can update their wardrobe for less. In fact, most pieces at Goodwill cost less than $10, including name brand items.

2. Thrift store shopping gives you the freedom to experiment

With clothes at such affordable prices (considering the great condition they’re in), you can afford to try out new styles and colors that you might not purchase for full price.

3. You can find incredible items at thrift stores!

Thrift stores have always had a reputation for simply selling other people’s cast offs, or items they would otherwise have thrown away, but nowadays, thrift stores are chock full of really great products that have all been reviewed and thoroughly assessed before being placed on the shelves. Ask anyone who thrifts and they’ll be more than happy to tell you all about the incredible items and deals they’ve found at thrift stores.

4. Buying clothes in a thrift store enables you to be unique

Who wants to be seen wearing what someone else on the street is wearing? Affordable used clothes in thrift stores give you the chance to develop your uniqueness, and to wear clothes that make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

5. Dig deep, and who knows what treasures you might find!

Because there are still plenty of people who don’t shop at thrift stores, if you keep going back to your local store, it’s inevitable that one day you’ll find a true gem and be able to get your hands on it before anyone else does!

6. Trailing salespeople are not a thing in thrift stores

Many of us hate being trailed around the store by a sales-hungry associate, following our every move in search of a commission, and generally not giving us the freedom to shop. Thrift stores don’t have such people working in them, and boy is that a welcome relief!

7. You can find more than just clothes in a thrift store

There are so many different things you can buy in a thrift store. From clothes to home décor to toys, thrift stores have it all. Savvy shoppers know that you can dress yourself, and decorate your home from a thrift store, for so much less than you would by shopping in superstores.

8. Thrift store shopping discourages hoarding

Because you’ve spent less on an item of clothing at a thrift store, once you’re done with it, there’s less incentive to hold on to it; you can simply donate it back again, and keep your closet clutter free.

9. By supporting your local thrift store, you’re supporting your local community

The majority of thrift stores, including Goodwill, support their local communities and other non-profit organizations. Every time you shop in one, you’re giving back (no matter how small) to a community member in need.

With so many compelling reasons to visit your local thrift store, if you haven’t already discovered the benefits of thrift store shopping at Goodwill, come visit us!

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