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Add Some Thrifted Flair to Your Wardrobe

Three Tips for closet additions

With gray weather hanging on, it’s a great time to get creative with your winter wardrobe with some thrifted additions.

1. Find Items That YOU Find Interesting

From embroidery to fabric, your clothes can tell an interesting story. Often when we shop during cooler weather, we look for the warmest items. While you’re warming up, however, you can still find things that tell a story and spark a conversation. As you thrift, look for pieces that are both interesting and enjoyable. The meaning of the clothing you wear and what it means to you can make any outfit warmer.

2. Find Items That Pop

Next, look for pops of color for your cold-weather wardrobe. The uniform of winter is often muted and reserved. But if the clothing you choose has a pop of color, it can make your outfit feel warmer, more tied together, and more unique. Pops of color, if effectively thought out, can transform an entire outfit and give it a new life.

3. Find Items with Shape

Playing with shape can enhance the outfits you thrift. Shapes such as circles, lines, polka dots, squares, and geometric patterns can transform any outfit. Especially when paired with heels and boots, shapes can make outfits feel more streamlined and thought out.

Check out what’s new at one of our 11 Gulf Coast retail stores, and experiment with the story, color and shapes in your wardrobe while supporting our efforts to provide training and placement services for area residents seeking sustainable and meaningful careers.

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