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Confessions of a luxury-obsessed thrift shopper

With National Thrift Shop Day on the horizon – August 17th – it’s the perfect time to share my love letter to my local Goodwill store, and some serendipitous confessions of a luxury-loving second-hand shopper. I first started thrift shopping when I was in college – I stumbled upon a Goodwill store in the Flatiron District where after a half hour of scouring through the racks, I would have this magic, serendipitous moment where I’d find a luxury item that just happened to be in my size.
The first time this happened, I came across a new-with-tags Prada blouse. I felt butterflies – almost jittery with excitement. How was it possible that this beautiful silk blouse with a $400 price tag had been waiting for me in this very rack for the mere cost of $14.99? It was a perfect fit, and I still have it to this day. Subsequent trips to this same Goodwill store resulted in scoring similarly magical finds including a Missoni top, Valentino sweater and blouse set, and Gucci halter top. My love for these Italian designers was buzzing with serendipity! There was no way I could have allowed myself to spend retail price money on those items, and so luckily I had my trips to Goodwill to allow me the luxury of incredible designer fabric all for under $20 an item.

Since my move to Brooklyn, I’ve continued to make the trek uptown to visit my favorite Goodwill store, and stop in other locations depending on where in the city I am that day. I love seeing how the inventory changes with each part of the city – the closer you are to NYU the more likely you are to find fun going out items, the closer you are to the Upper East Side or Gramercy Park, the more likely you’ll score finds like my Italian designer collections. I love stopping in new locations throughout the city and Goodwill stores wherever I’m traveling. Recently on a trip to Chicago, I scored a Tory Burch caftan for $7.99 and a See By Chloe dress for $10. These finds have become closet staples, and prove to be fun mementos from my trip!

Upon my return to Brooklyn, I came across this pair of gorgeous Balenciaga leather sandals with their signature studs for the price of $7.99… this pair of shoes is really worth upwards of $300, so I was so thrilled about the score, I didn’t bother trying them on. Turns out, they’re not my size, but they are my sister’s size – so Tori wins this awesome Goodwill find!
Are you a second-hand obsessed Goodwill shopper like me, always on the hunt for the best luxury deal? Show us your thrift love and best Goodwill finds on your social media channels with the hashtag, #thriftlove and be sure to tag us.
We can’t wait to see your favorite finds and fun experiences thrifting for National Thrift Shop Day!
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