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Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Welcoming Home

It can be challenging to decorate your home in January. Christmas is over, and it’s a bit too early for Spring decorations (even though we’d love for spring to come now)! Here’s a quick visual of a cozy winter living room with some easy January decorating ideas.

Layering textiles for the winter months

Considering it’s usually cooler here in January, there's no shame in piling up the pillows and blankets on any living room sectional. You can't have too many cozy pillows or throws in your living areas when it’s cold outside!

Some of those cozy throw pillows can be made with this nifty DIY pillow tutorial right here . Thrifting pillows from any Goodwill location in South MS is also a great money saver.

Christmas decor to use in January

If you keep a few Christmas decorations out in January, you can add some cheer to your home. Don’t pack up these things just yet:

Image via Malina Sirbu from Pexels.com

1. white twinkle lights

2. mini tree decorations

3. candles

4. timeless faux or real greenery like eucalyptus, air plants, succulents

Twirling some battery-operated twinkle lights around your coffee table centerpiece and mantel helps give these dark days some extra glow!

Decor colors to use in January

As for colour scheme, white works well in January. It highlights freshly fallen snow and a clean start to the new year. If you’re a colour lover like me, throw in a pop of pastel to serve as a nod to the coming Spring. I like to use soft pinks or corals in January because they flow so nicely into Valentine’s Day and Spring. You can also use navy blues and aquas as an accent colour during this time of year.

Image via Designecologist from Pexels.com

Image via Mikhail Nilov from Pexels.com

Extra January decorating ideas & tips

Regardless of your colour scheme, try adding some fresh or faux florals or greenery to your home in January. These will help ward off those Winter blues and remind you of warmer weather to come!

Image via Melike Benli from Pexels.com

You can also add a sense of warmth and coziness this January through furry textiles like faux fur stools, sheepskin rugs, and fur pillows. Here’s a living room sofa piled with cozy textiles with a casual, warm feel.

Image via Isabelle Taylor from pixels.com

Image via Lina Kivaka from pexels.com

Image via Taryn Elliot from Pexels.com

We hope you found these January decorating ideas useful and find comfort in adding cozy decor to your home this season. Stay warm, friends!

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