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Hot Summertime Staples

On the MS Gulf Coast, Summer has been here since March. For all the thrifty travelers, you may just be seeing some warmer temps. Below is a list for the hottest summertime staples to find a your local thriftstore including Goodwill.

Stylish Summer Spirit

According to fashion stylist and Fashion Crimes Podcast host Holly Katz, "Nothing is more in style than keeping the sun off of your face this summer," and we can't help but agree. And while sunscreen remains the most important means of protecting your skin from the sun, the best summer hats, from beach hats to bucket hats, plus a few other good finds whether you're lounging by the pool, romping around on the beach, or simply going to and from your office. The inspiration is endless, but can still be found at your local thrift store.

Click on the following links for more inspiration in all summertime styles: Sundresses, Hats, Shorts, Sneakers, Sandals

Beach bag needs

Every trip to the beach deserves the right tag-alongs: towels, blankets, umbrellas, and swimwear. There is no limit to what will make your beach day beaming with fun and/or relaxation. Plus, if you shop these items secondhand, you'll be keeping more items out of the ocean. Some goods at your local Goodwill may not have been worn yet. Some donations come in as overstock from another retail chain.

Summer reading

Whether you're at the beach, waiting at a doctor's office, or at home with some free-time, keep your reading resource stocked with choices from your local thrift store. There are so much to choose from, even for children. When you're done reading, donate it back to your local Goodwill. Giving back to the community by donating to non-profits like Goodwill will keep trash from building up in landfills and waterways. Click here for a list of good reads to look for.


With random goods from your local thrift store, you can turn just about anything into outdoor decor. Goods such as lawn chairs, tables, table cloths, and lighting are just a few ideas to use for outdoors. Converting what's considered trash to treasure with a uplifting up-cycle can also transform a bleak backyard into a magical masterpiece. Watch some short DIY projects below for ideas.

partytime trimmings

As the weather warms up, parties are on the agenda. Parties can range from picnics to patio soirees, and you will be able to find trimmings that won't break the budget. Shop for utensil caddies, pitchers, cutlery, dinnerware, cups, and glasses at your local thrift store to transform your next summer party. Even linens can be found at your local Goodwill.

grilling gadgets

Nothing beats the simmering summer days like grilling. Now, if you shop at your local thrift store, you'll be able to find the perfect gadgets for camping or just grilling in your backyard. Spatulas, tongs, potholders, and platters are easy to find at any Goodwill. Do something good for the Earth and buy secondhand. If it looks rusted, you can always soak utensils in vinegar overnight.

Outdoor FUN

Now is the time to get the goods that are perfect for outdoor activites. Games, balls, frisbees, golf clubs, and waterbottles are just the beginning an active summer. Don't forget that your local thrift store could have activity toys for your fur babies.


Sixty-three percent of U.S. adults plan to travel this summer, up from 61% this time last year, according to a recent survey by Bankrate, a consumer-finance data provider. Now that you will probably partake in some of that traveling, why not be prepared in a good way. Shopping at your local Goodwill for luggage, gym bags, travel games, extra towels, and cameras could help save some cash and decrease stress if lost in transit.

Now you're ready for summer and all the good stuff that comes with it, don't forget to drop off those unused items you find in your shed or garage at your local Goodwill. It will help keep you organized while paying it forward to job training & career development. It's a win-win.

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