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I’ve probably told you before (so this should come as no surprise) that I love Thanksgiving. It’s hands down the best holiday. What could be better than food, family, and taking time to note the things you’re grateful for? Since Halloween is over, I’m happy to jump head first into Thanksgiving planning and I think these three ideas are just the right ones to kick off our celebrations (but you be the judge…)!

I have to start with this tablescape designed by Melissa of Goodwill Central Texas (Austin). As a fellow New Englander, I love how she incorporated traditional vibes with the glasses and dishes but represented her new city of Austin with ever-popular succulents. Most everything you see in this display, down to the chairs and sheet music (such a fun runner idea!) was sourced from Goodwill retail stores. This means that Melissa was also able to spread gratitude while shopping because Goodwill’s infrastructure helps fund direct services for millions of people annually and it also results in positive social and environmental outcomes for the global community.

Since you know there will be plenty of photo snapping (read: ‘gramming) this year, you’ll need to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing to Thanksgiving dinner. My suggestion, if you’re skipping the stretchy pants, is to find something nice that’s not too loose, but has some layers over it. I love this outfit from Rachel’s Lookbook because the blazer and scarf could be strategically buttoned/draped to cover any bloating after you’ve gorged on the gobbler. These perfect fall colors, too, are just en pointe. The thrift karma must be strong with this one since Rachel found all of these elements except for the boots at one Goodwill location on the same day! They were meant to be together.

Surprise! If you’ve ever hosted this warm, cozy meal at your house before, then you know how it can sometimes turn into more than just a meal. Relatives gather from all around and you may have to bunk an extra body or two after the mulled cider has gone around the table a few times. This DIY daybed that Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina (Winston-Salem) shared on their Instagram has me swooning. (Instructional here) It’s great seating during the main event, but can be turned into a bed at a moment’s notice. And don’t even get me started on those wall lamps! I may be scouting my local Goodwill for a lampshade to halve this weekend if the Do-It-Yourself bug catches me.

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