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Vintage Clothing: A Lifestyle Rather Than a Trend

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

There was a time when wearing an item of vintage clothing - especially something that made a real statement – was a talking point among fashionistas and the public in general, and if a celebrity was spotted wearing a vintage item, you could expect to see the outfit dissected in the glossy magazines the next day. In later years, this fascination with previously worn clothing from a bygone era, progressed to something of a trend, but up until recently, however, that’s all it ever was: a trend.

From trend to lifestyle choice

As popular as vintage clothing was, most people still preferred to buy readymade clothes that they could easily find in the big brand stores, despite the fact that these were typically both season and trend-based, encouraging and promoting the idea of fast fashion. Nowadays, things are shifting massively, and while people will always want to sport the latest trends and styles, they’re much more aware of the impact of fast fashion on the environment, and are beginning to change the way they shop.

Global warming and the fast fashion industry

The fashion industry as a whole plays its own role in global warming, with many of the larger clothing companies contributing significantly towards global carbon emissions. This has encouraged some of them to use more sustainable methods and materials in their clothing, and in fact, with the public acutely aware of all of the problems fast fashion causes, most have had little choice but to make such changes.

A new generation has woken up to the crisis our planet is facing, and designers have been working hard to give them the opportunity to wear clothes that are made from recycled materials, and using sustainable methods.

As a business in the fashion industry, caring about the planet has now become the norm, and to give consumers what so many more of them want these days, clothing has to be responsive to their desires, which typically include the needs of the planet.

Vintage as luxury, and thrift as streetwear

For many of us, the clothes we wear are how we show the world who we are and what’s important to us, and for those who care deeply about preserving the Earth for future generations, vintage clothing and thrift-wear are an effective way to do exactly that. Why shouldn’t vintage clothing be considered a luxury, and thrift store clothing be thought of as trendy?

Saying goodbye to the stress of trends

Trends come and go with every season, and while some do come back into fashion, it can often take years, and in that time, most of us will have ditched our wardrobes entirely, just to keep up with the next seasons latest trend, and the next, and the next after that!

By shopping for vintage and thrift items of clothing, you might well find something that coincides with the latest trend, but more than likely you’ll find some creative, inspiring pieces that just look great, regardless of what the catwalks are telling you.

Keeping up with changing fashions can be expensive, but even more costly for the planet. Why not swap to vintage and thrift store shopping, and indulge your individuality, while helping to preserve the Earth for future generations? To find your creative clothing side, go on and browse your local thrift store and see what unique, cost-effective and timeless pieces you can uncover.

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