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Why Does Decluttering Make Us Feel So Good?

Updated: May 25, 2022

For those who enjoy decluttering and reorganizing your closets - or even your entire homes – you already know that it can make you feel on top of the world. But for those who haven’t yet come around to the idea of streamlining your belongings, you might be wondering exactly how and why does it make you feel so good? Well, here are just a few reasons:

Decluttering can help to reduce stress levels and improve mental clarity

By clearing away the mental burden of being surrounded by so many ‘things’, you can give yourself space to breathe, both mentally and physically, and reduce your stress and anxiety levels significantly.

By decluttering, you can enhance your productivity and creativity

The burden of having so many things around you can quickly stifle your creativity, and drain your energy resources, making you feel overwhelmed and sluggish. But, by having a home that is tidy and organized, you can give your brain the freedom to focus on other, more important and positive things, such as a hobby or spending time with your family and pets.

A clean and organized home, is more spacious and inviting

Once you manage to get on top of your decluttering, cleaning and tidying efforts, the rewards will soon be immeasurable. In some cases, your home may literally become bigger, as you get rid of bags of items that you no longer want or need (hopefully donating them to your local thrift store or Goodwill). This newfound space will allow you to take taking full advantage of the space in your home.

Cleaning your home will also be easier with less clutter to dust or shift from, and you’ll even find moving around your home becomes easier with less tripping hazards or things to move around.

Decluttering can restore your sense of self-worth and pride

Even if your home is super cluttered, once you’ve donated a lot of it to your local thrift store, or given items to friends and family, and given yourself a streamlined and tidy home, you’ll feel as if you can achieve anything! You’re also far more likely to invite people over for a dinner party or evening drinks, which can improve your social life and morale to no end.

Simply put, everything becomes better and easier with a clean, organized and decluttered home, and if you’ve donated items to your local thrift store, you’ll get all of the great feelings that come from giving something back to your community, too. So, to start feeling good and help your local community –get to decluttering!

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