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Five Valentines Gifts You Can Thrift

Baskets – Shop the assortment of inexpensive baskets and use them for themed gift baskets. You can find a nice basket for under a buck and fill it with dollar store finds like candy, art and craft supplies, books, or cooking supplies. Get creative, grab a basket, and see what you can make. You can snazzy up any basket with a little paint or ribbon as well, so don’t let a less-than-perfect basket scare you.

Image Via Kenzhar Sharap from Pexels.com

Makeover a picture frame – Snag an old picture frame and bring it to life with a fresh coat of spray paint. You can then use some of your favorite pictures and frame them or create a colorful collage. You can also fame your favorite poems, your favorite song, and even a menu from the restaurant where you had your first date. Find a frame and let the creative juices flow.

Get crafty with fabric – Find some fleece or craft fabric at your local thrift store then get crafty. You can make microwavable heat packs, fabric bookmarks, no-sew fleece blankets, and pillows, or even use the fabric to recover a small stool or chair. These are all handmade gifts sure to be enjoyed. Browse the fabric and see what you can find. You may find unused yardage or towels/pillowcases/fabric scraps perfect for the job.

Image Via Ron Lach from Pexels.com

Image Via Tomer Dahari from pexels.com

For more crafty inspiration scan our Thrifted Valentines board on Pinterest.

Browse the glass and crystal – Look for pretty bowls to put candy in, petty vases to put flowers in, and pretty containers that can be used for candles. You can typically find these pieces for a dollar or less, then fill them with items of your choosing. Remember, just about any glass piece can be spray painted as well for a different look. If you go to a florist or gift shop these items will cost you an easy $10 and up, so buying them secondhand is a great idea and much more friendly on the wallet.

Image Via Alexander Grey from Pexels.com

Image via Brigitte Tohm from pexels.com

Find a cool old book – Browse the book selection to see if you can find any from their favorite author. You can also keep your eyes open for poetry books or cookbooks if you enjoy cooking. Antique books and collectible coffee table picture books are also enjoyable and make a fantastic gift.

Image via Kaboompics .com from pexels.com

Image Via Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels.com

Are you ready to make Valentine’s Day memorable even on a budget? Consider these 5 Valentine’s Day gifts you can find at thrift stores and see how happy they can make your special Valentine! You are sure to come up with something unique, sweet, and above all budget-friendly.

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