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Fresh Spring Fashion Directly from the Thrift Store

We love making upcycled Easter decorations! Easter is about the renewal of life and the hope that comes with springtime. It’s the perfect time for upcycling! That’s why we like to embrace what the holiday is all about and repurpose old items into Easter eggs, sheep, bunnies, and other holiday-themed decorations!

No matter whether you live in a condo with sea view or a small village house, you definitely have the resources needed to garnish your home with eco-friendly Easter decorations. And if you have some time on your hands, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative and upcycle unwanted items into the beautiful and festive decor.

Alexa Sunshine Breaks it down for 2023 obsessions


A mere pop of color against contrasting neutrals or complimentary colors will add freshness to anyone's closet. Just keep an eye out for inspiring colors that make your soul pop.


Bows actually bowed down for quite a while in the fashion industry, but now they've made a comeback. Find something that is cleverly classic without feeling like you've warped back to the 80s or own the retro look with a statement piece. You could even thrift clothes with bows and DIY your way into something modern if you're crafty.


(DIYs with thrifted fabric)

Fashion designers have brought back kitchy sundresses this year. If you can afford full retail for fruity patterns of Betsey Johnson, we can't stop you, but if you can't afford or find them at your local Goodwill, you might want to thrift the fabric and make your own. The following tutorial makes it very easy.

sheer fabric dresses

Light and sheer fabrics are very romantic. They make everyone feel like they just stepped out of Brigerton or a Jane Austen novel. Light colors for the Spring lift the spirit, so keep an eye out for clean lace and chiffons. Have you ever upcycled an old wedding dress? If you're skilled in sewing, thrifted wedding dresses have so much fabric it's almost impossible to ruin a project.

Gingham in every style

Another pattern that is springing back into action is Gingham. Common colors for gingham include blue, pink, and red, but you can expand into patterns with black and white. Some of these fabrics can be thrifted at your local Goodwill in the linen section. Keep an eye out for oversized shirts, bedsheets, comforters, or pants to provide enough fabric for your project. If you don't sew, you might still find a great statement piece all put together. That's the beauty of thrifting.


Mint reminds us all of chocolate mint ice cream, so adding mint to any spring outfit will make the entire ensemble just as delightful. Paired with complimentary pink florals or just a plain t-shirt and jeans, a mint cardi will enhance a fresh Spring look.

Feminine florals

No matter what your skin tone is, you can find the perfect floral print for an ultra-feminine look this Spring. Sometimes you can find maxi-skirts that are too large that can be tailored to your size. Linens at your local thrift store are a perfect place to find fabric to make your own ensemble.

Spring is the perfect time for cleaning out the old

Now that you're up to speed on the top Spring trends for 2023, your closet will be ready for an upgrade. While you're freshening up your wardrobe, it might be beneficial to donate those unused goods to a Goodwill near you. Donating to Goodwill not only keeps usable goods out of landfills, but one donation to Goodwill provides up to two people a hand-up with job training and career development. We're grateful for every donation, plus they provide a chance for unused items to become someone else's treasure. If you want to see how we do it, follow us and look for our circle of impact when you search Goodwill South MS on all platforms.

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