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Image via Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels at www.pexels.com

NEW GOODS: Many items at a thrift store are brand new, never worn, and never used. Keep an eye out for these things. They may cost a tad more, but not much! I’d say $4.99 for a new fashionable clothing item is a great deal!

Image via Terje Sollie from pexels.com

BOUTIQUE GOODS: Have a list of who you are buying for and what you are looking for. Look for designer labels on clothing, jewelry, bags/purses, and accessories. Many of these are like new because the “previous owner” took great care of something that was quite expensive. #vintagevalue #hautehaul

HOSTESS GIFTS: If you are looking for party gifts/hostess gifts, Goodwill South MS is the perfect place! Check out the glassware, the party platters and pitchers. Bake some Cookies or Candy and deliver something special to your hostess.

Image via Tim Douglas from pexels.com

BOOKS: The books that Thrift Stores has are amazing! Especially children’s books. You will find a TON of great ones! Series, pop-ups, crafty, cardboard books, coloring books… just about anything!

Image via Bianca Debisco from pexels.com

CANDLES AND HOLDERS: There are usually tons of beautiful candle holders (teens love candles)

ANYTHING TO PAINT OR RESURFACE: Think outside of the box…what can you paint, mod podge with fun photos. Buy a serving tray like this one or old globe and paint with chalk board paint. Write a beautiful scripture on it or a fun quirky quote!

PURSES FOR LITTLE GIRLS: If you have little girls, one of the things I loved to do was buy a super fancy pretty little pocketbook/purse, you know those fancy sparkly ones and put fun stuff in it like chapstick, a comb, or a brush. So fun and only a couple of dollars compared to a department store. Or if you have a teen, this works perfectly too…they are pickier though.

Image via Shutterstock.com

FRAMES FOR CHALKBOARD: You can also buy pretty art, or ugly art. Make sure the frame is pretty then… If you buy some ugly art, paint over it with chalkboard paint or mod podge a cute quote onto it.

Image via Greg Dolgikh from pexels.com

FRAMES FOR FAMILY PHOTOS: Buy picture frames to fill with pictures of family for Grandma and Grandpa.

Image via George Pak from pexels.com

BAGS OF TRINKETS: You know that wall with all of the little bags hanging on it full of this and that. Go look at them! There is some pretty cool stuff in those plastic bags. Think stocking stuffers, homeschool learning. Those plastic bags full of this and that also contain lots of kitchen items.

Image via Any Lane from pexels.com

KITCHEN WARES: Cookie Cutters, unique utensils and many are brand new! I’m pretty picky when it comes to small kitchen appliances, Probably because I cook so much, but these need to be new or near new or I won’t buy it.

Image via Nicole Michelou from pexels.com

ELECTRONICS THAT WORK: Make sure anything electronic works before you purchase it and again new or near new.

Image via Karol D from pexels.com

TOYS: Toys can be a great bargain at Thrift Stores and actually I’m thinking of doing a whole other guide on that since I’m a bit picky on this one.

LINENS: I also love to purchase table clothes, placemats, aprons…anything washable without stains. The place mats make great Homemade Heating Pads!

Image via Elina Fairytale from pexels.com


1. DO NOT buy anything that is stained, torn, faded etc. Clothing items must be gently worn, not ripped.

2. DO NOT purchase kitchen appliances that are rusty, stained or outdated. They can be dangerous. Think electrical.

3. DO NOT purchase items that are cracked, chipped or just plain broken!

Now that you're prepared to save a few hundred dollars this Christmas, you'll also feel good that your purchases at Goodwill also helps your community. For every $1,000 of revenue Goodwill Industries of South MS makes, they offer career development services for those in need at no cost. That includes people with disabilities, anyone who has lost their job, career advancement, and more. Plus, you'll help prevent more trash from going into landfills. Tis the season to save and be resourceful.

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