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Tips for Slowing Down Your Fast Fashion Habits

Updated: May 12, 2022

Fast fashion is simple and addictive, but it’s terrible for the planet and the environment around us.

If you’re worried that your fast fashion habits are taking its toll on the planet, check out these 6 tips for quitting your addiction, and living more earth-conscious:

1. Don’t subscribe to email lists run by fast fashion outlets or brands

Sometimes, simply by not seeing what’s out there, you can find it much easier to resist the temptation to buy a new fashion item that you probably don’t need! If you already subscribe to email lists from fast fashion outlets, simply unsubscribe from them.

2. Try other activities

Shopping is often seen as being a leisure activity, when in reality, it should be a functional activity that we carry out only when we need to. Instead of going shopping with your friends on the weekends, try something else that will be more fulfilling and rewarding, such as going for a hike, baking, or even doing something charitable for a local cause.

3. Discover new places to hang out

While shopping malls and plazas have a lot of things for you to do, and places to visit, shop and eat in, they may present you with too many temptations, so if you’re a person that enjoys meeting up with friends and hanging out, why not try some more inspiring locations? From a new neighborhood, to the marina or simply a favorite restaurant, get away from the mall and enjoy your newfound freedom from fast fashion!

4. Shop in thrift stores

If you really do get a buzz from clothes shopping, or genuinely need a new item of clothing, why not make a more sustainable and charitable choice by shopping in your local thrift store? Thrift stores are full of fantastically affordable fashion items that can help you stay on top of trends or enable you to buy vintage designs that will make you the envy of all your friends.

5. Buy from ethical companies

If you’ve checked out your local thrift store and it didn’t quite have what you’re looking for, then your next best option is to visit an ethical clothing company. That said, do look out for companies who claim to be ethical, when in reality, their policies are greenwashed and not what they at first appear to be. Carry out a little research, and see if they have an ethics page or something similar on their website.

6.Follow ethical influencers

Influencers are great for showing us what’s hot and what’s not in the fashion industry, and by following an ethical influencer, you can get all the latest information on buying ethical clothing, while still staying on trend and feeling as if your closet is full of catwalk worthy items!

With a little determination and effort, your fast fashion habits can soon become history, and along the way, you’ll discover a whole world of ethical clothing that you probably didn’t even know existed. Begin at your local thrift store, for affordable fashion choices that have previously been loved. You’ll feel better about your purchase and you’ll look better in your new sustainable finds!

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