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Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe While on A Budget

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Many of us want to update and refresh our wardrobes from time to time, but it can often be an expensive affair. We often postpone doing so and end up wearing the same old clothes for months, even years on end.

However, with a little bit of know how and effort, changing your entire wardrobe doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and with the following tips, you can look good, whatever the day, whatever the season and whatever the occasion:

Check out Pinterest for inspiration

Pinterest is a source of inspiration for fashion. Seeing them in such a way can help give you inspiration and ideas for outfits you may never previously have thought of.

Select some items and/or looks that you love, pop them on your Pinterest board and take the first steps towards creating a stylish, affordable new wardrobe.

Carefully analyze your Pinterest board

Go through your board carefully, and make a list of any common themes that might pop up, such as colors and styles that you have frequently selected. This is a great way to get a clearer idea of what you really love, versus what might just be a fad or passing fancy.

Declutter your closet

This step is absolutely essential for anyone wanting to refresh their wardrobe, and many find the process wholly cathartic. With any items that you no longer want, try to do something purposeful with them, such as donate them to your local thrift or vintage clothing store (like Goodwill), give them to friends, or take them to your local clothing recycling center.

Organize a clothing swap

Free and sustainable, having a gathering of friends swapping items of clothing is a great way to help both parties refresh their wardrobes, while getting rid of items you no longer want.

Hang clothes hidden away in drawers

This simple step is highly effective in enabling you to see what clothes you do have, in full, and who knows, you may even find something you had forgotten you own!

Arrange your clothes by color

Having your items of clothing arranged neatly and in order of their colors, will make it much easier for you to pair pieces together to create a fantastic new outfit.

Shop for statement pieces and/or accessories

Most of your regular outfits can be updated with the simple addition of just one new item, such as a scarf, belt or necklace, bold blouse, or stylish pair of pants. And provided you have a selection of standard outfits that look good and you feel comfortable in, updating them with a bold item from your local thrift store (or vintage clothing store), is both easy and affordable.

So you see, refreshing your wardrobe is easy on a budget, and by shopping in thrift stores for items to update your existing wardrobe, you’re likely to find items that are both unique and affordable.

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