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How Much Can Your Goodwill Gift Help Community Members?

Whether you’re donating to a thrift store, or shopping in one, you might not always be aware of just how far our donation can go towards helping the most vulnerable and under privileged members of your very own community.

From getting rid of clutter, to saving money or looking for a tax write-off, there are many reasons to visit your local thrift store or make a charitable donation to it, and if you’ve always wanted to do more for your community but felt helpless as to how go about it, this can provide you with a wonderfully rewarding opportunity to do exactly that.

Thrift stores provide hope

While thrift stores are undoubtedly the perfect place to pick up affordable, used items, they also serve as a place where people in the community can get help, advice, training and even job opportunities to help them get back on their feet, and gain a sense of pride, purpose and achievement.

Helping to empower individuals from a variety of backgrounds to assess their skills and find meaningful, reliable employment, thrifty organizations rely on donations and the generosity of people just like you, and every item you donate or purchase, really can make a difference.

Employment and training opportunities you could help fund

By calling in to your local thrift store and donating some items or making a purchase, you can help that organization raise funds to pay for computers, classrooms, stationary and even vital programs such as those listed below:

Computer training – whether an individual needs basic computer training, or a more advanced program, there can be no denying that computers are a part of all of our lives nowadays, and getting ahead in life, almost always involves having at least some basic computer knowledge.

Soft skills training – soft skills such as empathy and leadership are vital for anyone wanting to make a success of their life, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the workplace.

Connecting people with employers – with a central network of employers, goodwill organizations can help connect the right people to the right jobs, and even make them aware of positions they might not have known were available to them.

Teaching interview skills – interviews can be stressful and often bring out the worst in us, but with a little training, jobseekers can learn how to present their best side and come away with an amazing career opportunity.

A strong thrift store makes for a strong community

By doing something charitable for a neighbor - or even for someone you’ve never met and may never meet, such as by donating to, or buying from a thrift store – you can empower someone who may be down on their luck, or help lift someone from a life of poverty and suffering.

Every time you donate to a thrift store or shop in one, you can make your philanthropy, your strength. Stronger individuals make for stronger communities, and strength in numbers can be a wonderful thing.

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