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Top Thrifted Gifts for Mother's Day

Believe it or not, Mother’s Day has not always been celebrated. The start of this day began in the early 1900s. The idea of creating a day to honor mothers was brought up by Anna Jarvis. She started a campaign in 1905 to make this an official holiday.

Throughout the years, the news of this holiday spread across the U.S. However, It was not until 1914 that this day was declared an official holiday by President Woodrow Wilson. He declared the second Sunday in May to be Mother’s Day. Now it is celebrated worldwide and dedicated to showing mother figures some gratitude with flowers, cards, and gifts.

A special frame

All of our pictures and videos are now stored in phones. You probably have thousands of images, but you never really do much with them. Instead of posting a picture of you and your mom on Facebook this year, frame it and gift it. You can head to your favorite Goodwill store to spot and buy a frame that matches your mom’s taste.

If you want to make this gift one-of-a-kind, print some cell phone pics of you and or your family. You can upcycle a frame to your mother's style with a few of her favorite things.

earrings and other Sparkly jewelry

Does your mother brighten up your world? Give her a pair of earrings that match her personality. Thrift stores have various vintage & modern jewelry stores that are a fraction of the cost. They have all types of earrings from dangling earrings and hoop earrings to diamond studs that will complete anyone’s outfit.

Photo by nappy via Pexels.com

Thoughtful watches

Sure, smartwatches are very popular right now. But nothing beats the look and feel of a vintage watch. These watches never go out of style, are durable, functional and make a statement on any wrist. If you want a timeless and vintage watch on a budget, head to a thrift store. These stores carry a wide range of women’s functional watches.

Photo by lil artsy via Pexels.com


You may not be able to repay your mother for everything she has done, but a designer handbag is a good place to start. Handbags make exceptional gifts for moms on the go because they are functional, stylish and will last for many years. Save some money and head to a thrift store Omaha location to find your mom’s favorite designer bags for a fraction of the cost.

Photo by Mahmoud Alaydi via Pexels.com


Another great gift for the mom on the go is a pair of sunglasses. It is a gift that will get plenty of use no matter where she might live. Plus, there are vintage styles that will transcend decades. Got a budget? No worries, thrift stores carry a lot of designer sunglasses in great conditions for less than retail stores.


Do you have a mom who’s always trying new recipes? Give her a practical gift for the kitchen that she can use while creating new dishes. There are a variety of gift ideas to choose from, like Pyrex, cast skillet, bowls, dishes and pots. Head to your favorite thrift store to find all these high-quality kitchen items at a reasonable price.

If you look a little off the beaten path, you'll find places like The Lucky Rabbit in Hattiesburg, MS that carries all sorts of vintage goods just for the occasion. Food & Wine offers tips on how to spot the good stuff.

A statement necklace

There is one gift idea that you can never go wrong with on Mother’s Day - a necklace. You can make that gift even more special by thrifting one. Thrift stores carry high-quality necklaces that fit any style. Who knows, you might even be able to find a necklace that your mother has always been looking for?

Photo by Mídia via Pexels.com

For The DIY Moms

According to Good Housekeeping, people spend more than 5 billion on jewelry alone for Mother’s Day. Instead of buying a piece of jewelry, come up with a special DIY craft you can do on Mother’s Day to spend quality time with your mom. If you don’t know where to start with thrifted DIY projects, click here. This Mother’s Day gift idea will be sure to make this Mother’s Day memorable for the whole family. Check out some thrift DIY ideas below for some examples.

Thrifted DIY Ideas:

1. Turn sheets and clothes into masks

2. Paint jars to turn them into vases

3. Make cups and kettle into plant holders

For The Sentimental Moms

If you see pictures all over your parents’ house, odds are your mom is sentimental! We suggest making a custom thrifted memory basket for this type of mommy. All you have to do is find a basket and fill it with items around our stores that remind you of happy times with your mom. When you give it to her, explain the memory that led you to buy this special item for her.

Items to put in a thrifted memory basket:

1. Decor items

2. Picture frame with a picture inside

3. Candles

Don’t forget to add tissue paper or ribbon for some extra flair!

For The Sustainable Moms

Your mom might be super hard to shop for and that’s ok! We have a sustainable option for those of you still looking to give your mom a great Mother’s Day gift. We have gift cards available in our stores so you can bring her the gift of thrift this Mother’s Day.

When you purchase one of our gift cards, you are helping keep quality items out of landfills. Stop by a Goodwill store to donate and shop.

For The Deal-Loving Moms

Any mom that loves finding vintage items at great prices would love a shopping trip to a thrift store. Check out your local thrift stores where you can Thrift Hop with a prepaid credit card—just you and your Mom.

Some items you may find:

1. Vintage shirts, pants, and dresses

2. Quality jewelry

3. Fun outfits and great memories

Most importantly

Mother’s Day is the third highest-selling holiday for flowers and plants. Instead of giving her the same old flowers and card, give her something she will love! We’ve covered some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that will please any mom who loves creativity and consideration when it comes to gift-giving.

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